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Films by Johan Planefeldt - Pizza n' Funk. experimental short films: Places we go, El eterno Presente, Yuki, Die grune lunge, Chimosa, The Wind, Day Zero Project, In Touch, Spit Thunder (Krampfhaft), Incubus, Agishegre, Eau de Gulag, A Ball's Tale, Your Dirty Mind, Le Cut, Passata di Tomata, Cooking with Pizza n' Funk (Porridge salad). Cinematography: Jo Graell, Peter Schaller. TV / Commercial / Ads: Notruf Deutschland Teaser, for MyVideo.de, Notruf Deutschland Episode 1-7, for MyVideo.de, UrbanTV for Universal, Pilates for Young Dancers, for Monique Richards. Design: Goa Contact Festival, In Touch Festival.